sexta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2013

Christmas Tree

It's time to make our Christmas Tree with recycled decorations :)


quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013

Native Forest Day
In the next 23rd of November we celebrate Native Forest Day. Anticipating that same day, and in the scope of the Eco-Schools program, in the 21st of November, at 14:35, six cork-oak trees will be planted by the school’s classes, in the non-gardened zone next to the School’s Contemporary Dance Academy.

In such regard, we’re inviting the following-mentioned classes, to plant a Cork-oak tree, accompanied by their respective teachers.

The mentioned teachers that need to make swaps/substitutions in this day need to pass that information to their colleagues/GAP.

quarta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2013

Hoisting the Flag

For the 6th consecutive year, our school was awarded with the Eco-Schools Accolade. As so, using the Eco-Schools’ ‘Worlds Day of Action’, in the 7th of November, a Hoisting-the-flag ceremony took place in our school’s garden.

 All the classes painted a panel with allusive drawings of the environment (energy, water, biodiversity, forests, among others) and at the end of such event, each class representative hoisted their own drawing. Teachers, students and employees alike participated in this important initiative which elevated the importance of the environmentally-friendly education promoted by our school, which is striving to achieve a sustainable development.

Watch out our photos!

terça-feira, 12 de novembro de 2013

Project Challenge Entrepreneurship and Ecology 

   Our school was the host of the first COMENIUS project reunion “Make a Difference! Be a Green Entrepreneur”, which happened in the 28th, and lasted until the 31st of October. The project is coordinated by Romania, which has the following European partners: Cyprus, Hungary, Finland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Turkey and Portugal. In time, when the concepts of Ecology and Entrepreneurship are in order, this project aims to conciliate these two areas, looking to foment, in their students, the desire to start and manage their own business and, at the same time, make them conscientious towards their important part in the protection of the environment and how the future of a green, healthy planet is in their hands.

   With the duration of two years, the project equally aims to develop, in their students, the creativity, the ability of initiative and knowing how to work as a team.

   During the reunion, the participating countries presented a bit about their homeland and their education system. In presentation of our country and school, the students of the Apprenticeship classes involved in the project (2nd Technical Sales Representative; 2nd Informatics-System technician; 1st and 2nd Metallurgy and Metallomechanics Technician and 2nd Electronics, Automation and Command Technician) prepared some culturally unique delicacies of our gastronomy. As a symbolic act to the projects’ theme, a tree was planted in our garden, creating roots to an environmental and civic responsibility. As to duties to attend to, some tasks were assigned, such as the Green Corner, a promotional video of the project, and Christmas decoration done with recycled material.

The partners of the project had the opportunity to visit some of our region’s most emblematic locations, such as Lisbon.

Watch out our photos!