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Pollution and its effects

WATER POLLUTION | Fresh and clean water are essential to the survival of every living being. But with the increase of industry, mostly big dimension factories, the water is now a major target of toxic waste. The polluted water damages the marine ecosystems, mostly causing ecological imbalance, fish contamination and other marine species that are consumed by people and the deaths of birds that feed upon contaminated fish. In one of the most prejudicial accidents such as is the case of oil leakage, it is also common the death of many animals, birds, fish and other species, when they come in contact with the polluted waters, causing very high mortality rates, depending on the population of marine animal species, besides the water of beaches becomes unfit for bathing when the black tides reach the coast.
Can’t we do it better?
NOISE POLLUTION | Noise pollution is a type of pollution propagated by sound. This pollution is caused by the production of sounds with high intensity. Generally, these sounds are sounds that become unbearable, becoming regarded as disturbing noise. In the developed society we live in, industry and commerce are constantly evolving, the construction of buildings has increased, companies have increased their production and consumers have sought to buy more and better products, even with the economic crisis we are experiencing, it all adds to this type of pollution due to the various sources of noise all these activities create. It causes insomnia, stress, depression, hearing loss, aggression, lack of attention and concentration, memory loss, headaches, increase in blood pressure, fatigue, deafness. It is a consequence of nowadays society and is considered one of the most troubling kinds of pollution that exist nowadays.
Can’t we do it better?
SOIL POLLUTION | It is constituted by undue presence in the soil of foreign chemicals, such as solid waste or liquid waste produced by humans that may harm life forms and their regular development. It causes the contamination of aquifers, essential to human life, the death of various fauna and floral species, changes in the natural food cycles, originates new diseases in humans and causes desertification of natural landscapes with the added consequences the degradation of the ecosystem brings to human life.
Can’t we do it better?
AIR POLLUTION | Aerial pollution is originated in the types and amounts of pollutants found in the atmosphere. It is especially common in large cities and affects not only men but also animals and plants. The air pollutants may be various types of toxic gases and may have solid particles. It causes an increase in global temperature, intensifies the greenhouse effect, may cause acid rain, decreases of mass in the ozone layer, and may ultimately lead to the development of heart disease in the humans living permanently in these environments.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! The Earth is our greatest gift as it gives us life. We must repay it with justice. We can do it better!

By FEPSET Students

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